Mizuqi Device

Electrolysis Chamber

Electrolyzed is most important part in water ionizer. The difference of the surface treatment determines the electrolysis efficiency.

A platinum coated titanium mesh covers Round-edge type for considering the characteristics of the electricity. Prevention of gas layer adhesion due to high-efficiency electrolysis performance to the entire electrode plate.

Broad surface area
Coated products have inconsistent surfaces, making its actual surface area broader than that of electroplated products.

High-efficiency electrolysis
The use of low voltage enables high-efficiency electrolysis performance.

Dualization of water inlet in electrolyzes
Prevention of internal pressure in electrolyzes and improvement of electrolysis effectiveness. Stable water outflow for alkaline water and acid water.

SMPS Power Supply Device
By applying the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) method, the AC Line frequency. (50Hz~60Hz) is converted into DC, changing it into a high frequency for use.
Changes in the output voltage in correlation to changes in the input power, Because the input exchange voltage is changed into a high dc voltage and controlled at a high frequency, no changes occur in the output voltage.

Stable power supply
The supply of electrical power remains consistent even during continual use, thus maintaining optimal performance.

Electrical safety
In the event that the product malfunctions due to leakage or short-circuiting that could potentially lead to the flow of over-current or over-voltage, the SMPS to prevent the flow currents or voltage above a certain determined level automatically blocks the supply of electricity from reaching the internals of the product.



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We also offer educational resources to help our customers learn more about the benefits of alkaline water and how to use their devices effectively. MIZUQI team is always available to answer questions and provide guidance to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with their alkaline water ionizers.


What is your product warranty and return policy?

Warranty: 30 day no questions asked return policy. 1 year parts and labor warranty. This means you can return it for the first 30 days. After that if the machine fails we will fix it free of charge for a year. Warranty starts the day of purchase. Customer pays for all shipping charges, duties and taxes.

Return Policy

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In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the product within 30 calendar days of your purchase. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it and undamaged in any way. You will be charged a 3% restocking fee. This fee pays for our selling fees that are not refunded to use upon your refund. After we receive your item, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund. The money will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used during the purchase. For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement. If the product is damaged in any way, or you have initiated the return after 30 calendar days have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund. The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. You will be charged a shipping fee equal to the amount of the cost to originally ship the product to you. If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.